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Serenity® Radio Clock
Serenity® Radio Clock
Sounds and lights: the alarm clock that respects cycles of sleep
Descriptif détaillé du produit :

Serenity® Radio Clock

Coloured lights, gradual background sounds and alarms to fall asleep and/or awake gradually in serenity

3 kinds of alarms:
1) Thematic mode: Natural sounds and harmonious lights: to relax or activate the phases of the light sleep Alpha (cycle of the dreams) at the time of the awakening. 3 Topics to choose: Ocean (oceanic travel), Nature (countryside of Provence) or Spiritual (musical composition). 15, 30 or 40 minute's programmable duration
2) Ringing Mode. Alarm melodies to choose from: 4 polyphonic melodies (traditional, comfort, techno), 2 sound compositions (animals, seaside)
3) Radio Alarm clock with digital research of the stations (with memory) and FM frequency display

Large Snooze key (repetition) easy to reach on top of the unit

Radio-controlled Clock: sets the exact time automatically

Display of the temperature and humidity with an icon of Comfort Zone necessary for a good sleep

Blue Backlight Screen with option: "always lit"

Integrated Calendar, display of the day of the week

Ergonomically designed volume settings

Can be rotated and tilted
Caractéristiques :
Poids : 0.4500 Kg
Dimensions : 15.0000 cm x 10.5000 cm
Téléchargement :
-ref.RL960 - Instruction manual-

Type d'alimentation :
2 LR 6 / AA
Adaptater : 6