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Accueil OUR PRODUCTS Toys and Games Electronic & interactive games Chess game : Chessman® Elite - from 7 years
Chess game : Chessman® Elite - from 7 years
Chess game : Chessman® Elite - from 7 years
The computer specially made for learning chess!
Product description :
Advised from : 7 years.

Electronic chess game with sensitive chess board
- 64 difficulty levels divided into 4 game styles: normal, aggressive, defensive and random
- 5 'beginners' levels aimed at children and beginners where in the computer deliberately sacrifices chessmen.
- The moves played are visualised by the luminous diodes (16 LEDs)
- A training mode where the computer indicates the player whether a move is optimal or not
- Follows the 50 moves rule, stalemate and draw, the promotion of pawns and the passing capture
- Various functions: Hint, Take Back, Move, Verify, Set Up and Multimove (to arbitrate a game between two players)
- Elo 1800

Warning! This game is not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard.
Specifications :
Weight : 0.7240 Kg
Dimensions : 23.8000 cm x 3.0000 cm
Download :
-ref.CG1300- Manuel d'utilisation-

Power supply :
3 LR 6 / AA
Adaptater: 9